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Biocraft Animal Physiological Apparatus and Accessories :

BPZA-1 Craft’s Electric Recording Drum (Kymograph)- It is made on Polmar pattern. Double electric contract arm and interchangeable contract blocks are provided as standard fixture. The gear train comprise of two mill cut gears. Speed range from 0.12 to 640 m.m. per second and is accurate to ± 1%. The change in the speed from one to the other can be effected through a lever adjustable, provided with electric long duty motor and the speed of it is controlled by mechanical governor control device to ultimate rate of 1 : 2 Electric Drum is supplied with Chromium plated steel spindle and 6" x 6" cylinder with screw lift.

Salient Feature—(1) Robust construction with attractive finish, (2) Special spindle of stainless steel, (3) Casted body in Aluminium, (4) Neutralising clutch of gears train, (5) Uniform performance ensured. Complete

BPZA-2 ‘CRAFT’S’ Electric Recording Drum—E/8 same as BPZA—1 but with eight speeds.

BPZA-3 INCO Electric Recording Drum - E/8 Heavy duty motor with 8 Ratio gear box complete with stainless steel spindle.

BPZA-4 Craft Brodie Starling Kymograh — Equipped with highest quality gears. Instantanous speed change clutch with slow, medium and fast speeds and intermediate off positions. It is supplied with Double time marker, Mercury monometer, separate smoking and varnishing apparatus and smoking Burners etc.

BPZA-5 Craft’s Starrington Starling Recording Drum—Mecha- nically driver with spindle, 15 × 15 cm cylinder.

BPZA-6 Craft’s Physiology Kit No. 1 smoke writing. The kit includes

1 1 Kymograph—BPZA—1
2 25 sheets Kymograph—paper 6 x 20"
3 1 Induction coil with variable interrupters
4 1 Adjustable stand with 15" up right.
5 1 Muscles lever (Bodies universal liver)
6 1 Weight and Hook Set 11 gm.
7 1 TAMBOUR—Brass-bright CP.
8 1 Tuning fork stainless steel N 100
9 1 Tuning fork starter.
10 1 Femur clamp of brass bright CP.
11 2 Double clamps (X block brass)
12 1 Electric time maker.
13 1 Heart lever brass.
14 1 Frog board with clamp and plastic bands.
15 1 Stylus with pointer Aluminium
16 1 Simple key with ebonite base.
17 1 Electrode with copper wire
18 1 Smoking burner gas.
19 1 Muscles chamber with muscles lever and electrodes.
20 1 Heart chamber with heart lever and electrodes.

BPZA-7 Physiology Kit No. 2 Craft’s simple muscles twitch assembly and Heart Beats—Most suitable for animal heart and muscles experiments. Comprising of the following

(a) Kymograph BPZA—1 electric recording drum
(b) Dubois Reymond induction coil with teak wood base
(c) Dubois key complete with table clamp
(d) Tuning fork N 100 hand operated
(e) Myograph complete with lever
(f) Drum paper clip
(g) Simple electrode with copper wire poles
(h) Adjustable stand
(i) Smoking burner
(j) Kymographic glazed paper 25 sheets
(k) Muscles chamber with electrodes
(l) Heart chamber with electrodes

Crafts simple muscle twitch assembly

BPZA-8 Kerosene burner with wick

BPZA-9 Smoking stand—Heavy type

BPZA-10 Myograph with lever

BPZA-11 Drum of Kymograph

BP2A-12 STUDENT ORGAN BATH—Made of Acrylic thick sheet complete stand, levers, oxygen tube and tubular heater

BPZA-13 Student Electronic Stimulator

BPZA-14 Reymond Dubois induction Coil

BPZA-15 Battery for Kymograph Experiments 12 volts, 5 amp.

BPZA-16 Warberg’s animal respirometer—A glass apparatus to experiment on respiration of aquatic animals.

BPZA-17 Craft’s Standard Mercury Monometer with stop cock and adjustable scale

BPZA-18 Craft’s ideal Respiration Pump with 1/4 HP. Motor

BPZA-19 Craft’s Modern operating table stainless steel top size 127 × 45 cm. Warming chamber, with Animal Holder, S.S. tray and two movable uprights.

BPZA-20 Craft’s Animal Holder

BPZA-21 Craft’s Pneumograh or Stethograph

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